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the george zimmerman trial, and its rivetting. it is the trial of the century if you have seen no other trials in this country. it is so boring. but i know they made a jodi arias movie on the lifetime network, and it came out the weekend after it wrapped. so i'm going to help with the george zimmerman movie. to play george zimmerman is horatio sands. maybe by the time this trial is over, let's see the kid from modern family might be ready? he might be ready he might be the right age. >> michael: it could be a long trial, a retrial the offensing phase. you have to question whether you want thin george or fat george. >> that's right. horatio sand, he's lost a lot of weight. >> michael: take us to london. >> there are visuals, and hopefully the control room can catch up. in london there is a new statue of colin firth. he was--he made his name in "sense and sensibilities," a tv drama on bbc. to pay homage they put up this statue in hyde park, and he has nipples the size of my face, and i don't know what to make of that. >> michael: thank you for joining us in "the war room." have a great ni
has rested on the george zimmerman trial in florida. you argued that the public reaction to the trial has exposed racial prejudice. what has stuck out to you? >> absolutely. it's amazing how contentious it has been. if you get away whether george zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder or not, you go on social media and you look at things that people have been saying particularly about african-americans, you can't help but say to yourself we have a very serious race problem in the united states still. when you look at the cross-examination of racial setell but don west, social media was abuzz. people were making comments about the color of her skin, weight false nails the fact that rachel was not articulate, not well spoken, was not able to get an opportunities to education that other people have had. her use of language. people made comments about her going out and getting fried chicken, which as you know quite often people use as a disparaging comment that african-americans only eat fried chicken. people made comments about her why didn't she get a library card. quite frankly be
♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." we have a great show. we'll jump right into it. zimmerman case, prosecution has rested. the defense has rested. the prosecution has done their closing arguments for tom. robin sax will tell us all about it. >> i which i had my nancy grace up do because it was a bomb show and this is what abc had to say about it.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3